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The EHP Sports Massage Clinic is managed within an impressive, fitness facility called UFit, located on the thriving Trident Park development, Ocean Way, Cardiff. Visit my contact page for full address details.



Client assessment


Prior to a client’s first treatment, I will have to take a confidential client assessment regarding their general health, current and previous medical history and reason for visit. This will enable me to check that the client is clear of any contraindications to receiving Soft Tissue Therapy. Every session is designed for each client individually and the client assessment helps me to adapt my skills in order to administrate and deliver the type of therapy required to meet the client’s needs accurately and professionally.


What are contraindications?


Contraindications preclude the delivery of Soft Tissue Therapy. Unfortunately, clients are absolute from therapy if they have a physical or mental condition that can be made worse when having treatment delivered to them.


Contraindications that will prevent clients undergoing treatment are as follows:

  • Recent surgery
  • Fractures
  • Concussion
  • DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis)
  • Heart Attack
  • Pacemaker
  • Tumours or Cancer
  • Fungal, Bacterial, Viral Infections
  • Sensory loss
  • Under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Under age
  • First 16 weeks of pregnancy
  • First 12 weeks of second pregnancy


Taking medication


Is the medication controlling a particular condition?

Please seek advice.


There are many more contraindications effecting people, disabling them from Soft Tissue Therapy. If a client feel’s they may be contraindicated prior to making an appointment, it's advised that they contact their health practitioner (GP) for further advice.


As previously stated, I can adapt my techniques in order to meet my client’s specific needs. I offer a professional service. I have a reliable and responsible approach to both clients and other professionals.


Prior, during and post treatments, I will notify my client to anything that would substantially affect their decision, operating strict rules of consent and obtain their strictest confidence that their information and therapy sessions will remain confidential.


Dry Needling


Dry needling is the use of solid filiform needles (Acupuncture needles) for therapy of muscle pain.


The needles are sterile single use acupuncture needles that are administered directly into myofascial trigger points. Trigger points are composed of tight contraction nodules within the muscle which cause and contribute to pain. Research studies have shown that inserting Dry Needles into trigger points causes biochemical changes within the body, aiding in the reduction of pain.


Dry Needling and Acupuncture


Dry Needling uses the same needles as Acupuncture. Dry Needling is based upon Western medicine principles of treating myofascial trigger points (MTP). It is not the same technique used in traditional Chinese Acupuncture.


Aftercare post Soft Tissue Therapy and Dry Needling


It is important to remember after receiving deep Soft Tissue Therapy techniques or Dry Needling, it is not advised to do any physical activities that involve the use of the recently treated areas on that same day or for however long the feeling of the deep tissue muscular techniques last.


It is not an issue for a person to proceed in a physical activity or sports event as long as the therapy session was tailored to meet the needs of what lays ahead in the next 1-24 hours, for example, the delivery of a pre-event Sports Massage before taking the field of play etc.


Dry Needling is an invasive treatment session. There is no need to panic, the needles are made from strong flexible sterile steel, and the areas of treatment are always cleansed pre and post treatment.


In the rare event of a little blood spotting, it’s advised to pay attention to the treated area after leaving clinic, to make sure bleeding has stopped and that the area is cleaned again to prevent any forms of infection.


Alcohol wipes, antiseptic or antibacterial gels are all good for personal aftercare.



It is up to the client what he/she wears during treatment. Obviously the areas that require treatment need to be unclothed. I can reassure my clients that towels or hygienic paper roll are used at all times to drape them and their modesty is considered like second nature.


Usually underwear is suffice during treatment, but there are no problems with stretchy shorts if it makes the client feel more comfortable.