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With over 6 years of full time clinical experience in Soft Tissue Therapy, I take great pride in having built and developed a successful practice.


I have always had a captivated look on Soft Tissue Therapy. As a former Semi-Professional Rugby Player, I was no stranger to witnessing the many different types of musculoskeletal injuries sustained by my team mates, not to mention my own.


I was always absorbing my manual therapist’s means of diagnosis and rehabilitation. I found myself scrutinising the science of what makes the different forms of manual therapy so significant to a sports person’s soft tissue conditioning and health.


Anatomy and physiology is such a vast subject to study, and having savoured a mere scratch on the surface of what it has to offer, I’m always working and learning simultaneously to advance in the sporting and domestic health sectors.


Elia Pellegrotti


Mr Elia Pellegrotti MSMA


and Credentials

  • SPS (OCR) Level 4 Diploma in Sports Massage (University of Wales Institute Cardiff)
  • SPS Accredited in Dry Needling
  • PM Accredited in Ultrasound & Electrotherapy
  • PM Accredited in Athletic & Kinesiology Taping Methods
  • Accredited by The Paul Lubas Sports Trauma Management Programme
  • Emergency First Aid at Work Certificate
  • Level 4 Member of the Sports Massage Association (The Society for Soft Tissue Therapists)
  • Fully insured