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EHP Sports Massage - helping you get to the finish line and beyond

EHP Sports Massage


Using sound knowledge and a range of skills, the application of Soft Tissue Therapy will manipulate, regenerate and help manage the soft tissues of the human body.


Soft Tissue Therapy has become a specialised and invaluable area of manual therapy. The positive effect it has on the body’s athletic performance and recovery system has led to a huge spike in demand.


From professional sports to general occupations, the EHP Sports Massage Clinic takes great privilege in helping people through their phases of rehabilitation and regular injury preventative sessions.

Sports Massage Association


After successfully completing my Diploma and taking the plunge into self-employment I have found a fulfilling and enjoyable career in Sports Massage Therapy.


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I manage EHP Sports Massage within an impressive, brand new Fitness Studio called Universal, located on Glass Avenue, Trident Park, Ocean Way, Cardiff.


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